Welcome message

My name is Sr. Francis and I am President of our Federation, and on behalf of all my Sisters, and myself, I warmly welcome you to our Federation Website.  Here you will meet our Sisters in their various Monasteries...

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Poor Clares Order

On the night of Palm Sunday 1212, Clare – eighteen, young and noble – fled from the Offreduccio family home in Assisi with a trusted companion, to the little church of the Portiuncula where she was met by Francis and his early Friars...

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About St. Clare

Clare Offreduccio, whom we know as St Clare of Assisi, may seem like a remote medieval figure. What could such a woman, who lived most of her life locked up in a monastery in Assisi in the 13th Century...

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Our Vocation

St. Clare

Pope Benedict speaks about St. Clare

Her faith in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist was so great that twice a miracle happened. Simply by showing to them the Most Blessed Sacrament distanced the Saracen mercenaries, who were on the point of attacking the convent of San Damiano and pillaging the city of Assisi...

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Ministers General about St. Clare

For Clare and Francis, “most holy poverty” is not just a virtue, not only a renunciation of things, but is above all, a name and a face: the face of Jesus Christ, poor and crucified...

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