Our whole life is nurtured within the life of the community.

God has called us to live in community as sisters in a family spirit, professing the same Rule and Spirit which is the very essence of our life. 
Our whole vocation is nurtured within the life of the community.  It is lived in love and in sharing responsibilities in a spirit of simplicity and great joy.

Litugy of the Hours - The Prayer of the Church

We come together seven times a day to offer prayer and praise to God through the Liturgy of the Hours – the public prayer of the Church. In it we include all the intentions of those who have asked or need our prayers.

The laity are present at all the Hours.

Community Recreation

Each day we have a period of time for community recreation. We share each others news, have many a laugh and just enjoy relaxing together.

The older sisters   are the jewels of our community. They do not cease to be of use just because of their age or infirmities. They have a rich store of lived experience, wisdom and discernment of what is important and essential for our world.


Our day is a careful balance of Prayer, work, recreation and solitude

For Francis and Clare, work was a grace as long as it did not extinguish the spirit of holy prayer and devotion to which all temporal things should be subservient.

Our work in community is simple and not absorbing.Our minds are set free for God in all the activities of the day. Awareness becomes second nature, carrying the official time for prayer into every moment.