We all felt touched by God’s love and in return we had this great desire for a life where we could surrender ourselves in love, totally to God in a life of Adoration, Praise, Intercession and Reparation for the world, the church and the Missions.

It is a life lived according to the Gospels which means following Jesus in all the conditions of his life, adopting his attitudes, especially those of strict poverty, gentleness and humility.

The poverty of a Poor Clare is an expression of her love for Jesus and of his most holy Mother. This is put into practice by living a simple lifestyle, sharing all in common, earning our living by the work of our hands, trusting in the providence of our heavenly Father. Our form of Poverty is above all interior and spiritual which is the complete emptying of self shown to us by the Lord and His Most Blessed Mother. In the giving of ourselves we receive the One who gave Himself totally for love of us.

St. Clare fought ardently for the privilege of poverty throughout her life time. Today’s world needs this message more than ever. We have seen the effects of greed, and power on our country and world.

Poverty was very dear to the heart of St. Clare. Above all she was a lover of the poor crucified Christ. Clare desired nothing in this world that would come between her and her love for God

Clare desired to contemplate Christ as constantly as possible.

“Never let the thought of Him leave your mind” she told her sisters.

She teaches our age the importance of keeping Jesus constantly before our eyes. The importance of that spirit of contemplation will not allow our lives to be cluttered up with things that impede our central vision of Jesus.

Each day we draw life from Jesus in the Eucharist as He draws life from his Father.

Each day we hear Jesus saying to us in the scriptures “do not be afraid, I am with you”

Each day Jesus renews his assurance of his presence and his love “I have called you by Name”

Is the life of a Poor Clare Sister relevant in today’s world?

Is it liveable in a society which is intent on power, success and achievement, with no lasting commitment?

We are firmly convinced that the Church and the world need the hidden lives of the Poor Clare’s more than ever.

Here in the stillness of the cloister, we are better able to understand the deepest longings of the world. and the saving will of God.

Clare’s Message for Today

It is 800 years since St. Clare founded the Poor Clare’s her message is now more than ever relevant in today’s world. 
It shines out like a bright clear and guiding light to show up what is important in life - guiding us to follow Jesus who is the way, the truth and the life.

Clare tells us that God alone is important He is our Father in heaven and only in Him do we find human completion and fulfilment.

We all long for love and happiness. Today this longing is stifled by possessions, prestige and power which cannot give peace and security.

Only the love of Christ can make us free people in the image of God, and reflections of his love.

The Church today, whose Mission it is to proclaim the Good News,  needs people who pray.

What is Clare’s message for today?
Is it not the very legacy she has given to her daughters?

Our gift to the World is a deep Reverence for the Sacred as evidenced by our love of the Eucharistic Lord and the witness of our community life.
These are the very things that Society seeks.