Sr. Clare

Hello, I’m Sr. Clare, known as Nora to my family! I’m the eldest and the only girl in a family of four. I grew up in Midleton, Co. Cork and went to school in the Presentation Convent National School and then to boarding school in Bunclody, Co. Wexford. I trained as a nurse in the Bon Secours Hospital here in Cork City.

I first felt called to religious life when I was sixteen years of age (!) but didn’t know if I was being called to a missionary vocation or to the enclosed religious life. While a student-nurse in the Bon Secours Hospital, I often wondered what the Poor Clare Sisters were doing over the wall, next door! I entered when I was twenty-one years of age and now I know from the inside what goes on in the Poor Clares!

Sr. Francis

Dia's Muire dhuit! (English: God and Mary be with you!) I grew up on a farm in Butlerstown, Waterford with my parents and brother.  After my Leaving Cert. I did a B.Sc. in U.C.C. and after that entered the Poor Clares on my twenty-first birthday! I never wanted to be a nun (I had a pony and really wanted to be a jockey and win the Grand National!) ... so what happened?! Well, to cut a long story short, I learned “the truth that sets us free” (Jn.8:32) and “the truth which sets us free from error is the truth which sets us free for love” (Pope John Paul II). That love opened my heart to say “yes” to God’s will and become a Poor Clare! It must be said though that our Heavenly Mother took me by the hand, and that definitely shortened the journey and still does! Here, I am still discovering the Truth and Love which is Jesus.

Sr. Faustina

Hi there! Before I joined the Poor Clares, my name was Margaret, and I come from Co. Cork. I have one sister and one brother. Growing up, my sister was more religious than me and I hadn’t the faintest desire to be a nun! I loved to listen to rock music and had a busy social life! I lived and worked in London and Amsterdam for a while,  but when my father became ill I came home to help my mother who was looking after him. This was a special time of grace for me. I used to read the Bible for him and I think I needed it more than he did! I attended a Divine Mercy Conference and later went to Medjugorje where I really experienced the Lord’s grace and goodness. When I realised that God has a special plan for each person I started to search for my vocation in the Church. The Lord guided me gently to His plan for me and I entered  the Poor Clares when I was 32 years  of age. He has a loving plan for everyone and in His will is our peace.