It was the year 1212 and Clare was 18 years old when she decided to give her life for the glory of God. With the invitation and blessing of St. Francis, Clare professed to serve the Love of her Life, the King of Kings, her Lord and Saviour; - And so was born the ‘Order of Poor Enclosed Ladies’ - or simply the ‘Poor Clares’, as we were known after her death.

Eight hundred years have passed, and with grateful thanks to Almighty God, Poor Clares throughout the world celebrate and bless this historic and wonderful anniversary of our founding by St. Francis and St. Clare. In humble gratefulness we celebrate the selfless giving of all our sisters throughout the centuries; the giving of their lives to live in community and to pray for the needs of their local people, the needs of the church and the needs of the wider world.

To this day our mission and our prayer continues. With the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit it is our hope and prayer that other women will seek to understand and cherish our way of life and so find in themselves the courage, strength and faith to live this cherished  vocation.

We welcome you to our federation website and invite you to learn more about the Poor Clares. May the Lord bless you and walk with you this day.